Contribute / Contribuer

Interested in contributing your language skills to our games? We are seeking native speakers - or in some cases native-level / fully fluent will do - to proofread and translate our games, as well as to make audio guides. As we are currently a budding indie game company, we welcome and greatly appreciate volunteers, but may also be able to compensate some contributors. At the very least, your work will be credited and you will be offered a free copy or discount to our store. Please contact us and let us know your relevant language background and how you'd be interested in contributing. Tusen hjertelig takk!

Currently seeking:

Native-level French proofreader for rules and pronunciation guide (all info fits on a poker card)

Native Danish proofreader

Faroese proofreader/translator

Native-level speakers for audio guide to currently published game(s)

Interested in playtesting one of our games? If you live in the Washington, D.C. area, feel free to send us a message letting us know of your interest. No guarantees, but we might hit you up! Otherwise, look for us at various playtest events. We'll post alerts as to upcoming events we'll be at, so keep an eye out.