Norwegian & Runic Dice

Dés norvégiens et runiques; Norske terninger på runer og det latinske alfabetet

Engraved Norwegian & Runic Dice

Two unique engraved wooden dice (D6) with which to practice reading Norwegian numbers and medieval runes, or spice up any Nordic-themed game! To aid with comprehension, each side contains dots indicating the number. Some of the dots are also part of the runic letters.

Medieval runes, also known as futhork, was a Scandinavian runic alphabet that evolved from Younger Futhark after the introduction of stung (or dotted) runes at the end of the Viking Age. The medieval futhork was fully formed in the early 13th century. It contains more letters than both the Younger Futhark and the Elder Futhark, making it more suitable for writing modern Norwegian.

One die (terning) has the Norwegian numbers 1-6 in Latin letters, the other in runes.

Note: Photos are currently of prototypes; size of each word has been adjusted to take up the entire face on each side of the dice, for maximum legibility. The runes in particular are bigger than shown in the photos.