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Heads up: We're undergoing some changes around here! Firstly, as our first card game becomes a series, we have given it a new name to correspond to the series: Twisty Tealz. If you see some inconsistencies in title, this will explain why. We're in the process of updating everything to reflect the new title.

Secondly, we're planning a company name and logo change at some point in the coming months before we run our first Kickstarter, and we want to start preparing you for the transition before announcing the new name. Stay tuned!

Lastly, we are doing a major visual redesign for the Mandarin version of Twisty Tealz, which will be our first game to go on Kickstarter!

Twisty Tealz: Norwegian & Icelandic

A Norwegian & Icelandic Language-Learning Card Game 

In this bilingual card game, you will learn numbers, colors, and phrases in the Nordic language of your choice - or both. A fun addition to your language-learning journey, or a perfect way to learn together with friends and family before your next trip to Scandinavia! This fast-paced, easy-to-learn game is perfect for total beginners and includes a little something for more advanced learners, too.

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Engraved Norwegian & Runic Dice

Coming Soon: 

In The Works:

Norse Tyveri: A Norse-themed game that teaches Norwegian and Old Norse!